What is the best small van to buy

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What is the best small van to buy

With hundreds of models available on the market, choosing the right small van can be a difficult decision. Before purchasing the vehicle, you should thoroughly research the different vans that are available to you, bearing in mind your budget of course. There are several factors to consider when buying a small van including:

  • Fuel consumption and running costs
  • Load capacity
  • Engine size
  • Resale value

If you are buying a van for business use, ensure that you choose the right van to suit the specific needs of your business. Though purchasing a larger van, with a larger capacity may seem like a good idea, it can in fact be a false economy if you won’t be using the space for everyday purposes. Similarly, buying a van which doesn’t have enough space can also be costly; not only is it illegal to overload any vehicle, it puts extra stress on the brakes, the gearbox and the engine itself.

Choosing the correct engine size is also important. The size of the engine should reflect the type of journeys the van will be making. If you are purchasing a van which will be driven on the motorway a lot, a larger engine is the better option; it is more efficient than a smaller engine when travelling at high speeds for long periods of time and it will also burn less fuel. However, a smaller engine will suit vans making shorter journeys, for example travelling on city roads.

Reading the latest reviews about small vans will give you a clearer idea of any van you may be considering purchasing. This year, the Renault Kangoo ZE has received many positive reviews for being the first electrical small van made by a major manufacturer. At less than £17,000, it is very reasonably priced and can hold a 650kg payload, ideal for vans travelling along city roads. Owning an electric van can greatly benefit people who live or drive into London on a regular basis, as they are an exemption to the congestion charged placed upon petrol and diesel vans.

Of course, electric engines will not suit everyone. The Vauxhall Corsavan is a suitable alternative and helps cut the carbon footprint. It has a ‘start/stop’ feature which automatically switches the engine off when the van is stationary, thus saving you petrol and reducing emissions. Furthermore, the van has an indicator on the dashboard which prompts the driver when to change gear in order to achieve optimum fuel capacity.

Ultimately, choosing a van is down to personal preference. However considering key factors, such as how the van will be used, where it will be driven and the capacity that will be required will help you make the right decision. A company that offers good information on new vans for sale is new vans uk which is operated by Pure vans Ltd, and they have over 15 years experience in this market sector.


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What is the best small van to buy

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