Guide to choosing a letting agent

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Choosing a letting agent.

Experienced landlords know the secret to choosing a letting agent. It's not about finding the agent that will get you the highest rents, but finding that agent that will attract and retain tenants. Also finding tenants that don't need as much supervision.

There are several factors in choosing that good Letting Agent.

What kind of reputation does the letting agent have with the tenants?

What kind of tenants does the letting agent attract is first? You will not want a letting agent that always takes sides with the landlord. You want the tenants to be able to trust the letting agent. Letting Agents do not want to take on bad landlords.

How efficient are the letting agents in dealing with you?

If the letting afent is missing phone calls from you and appointments, then they will be of no better use to you when it comes to repairs. You need a letting agent who really cares.

Is the letting agent catching your attention?

Letting agents have to attract tenants. If you have to go looking for a good letting agent, then so will the tenants. The question is how do you want your tenants to find you? If you want to attract graduates, you should be looking for a letting agents internet presence. This will help find tenants online.

What kind of property is being offered by the Letting agent?

Letting agents show the kind of property that interests any type of tenant. There is something for everybody.
Never convince a letting agent to take you on. If you are a bad landlord then a letting agent is what you need for you and your property. If they seem as if they don't want to then you don't want them.

Does the letting agent find good tenants?

A good tenant is more important than a tenant who is willing to pay the highest rent. A good tenant takes care of the property and pays on time. You want a letting agent to find a good tenant. If your house is in the neighborhood, and you have a good letting agent, chances are you will get a good tenant.


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