How To Screen Print A T-Shirt

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Screen Print A T-Shirt

Learning how to screen print a t-shirt is easy. The first thing in accomplishing this task is knowing what materials you will need. Here is a list of where to start:

*Embroidery hoop, preferably one that is the right size for the design that will be printed.
*Gauzy curtain, you want one with a lot of small holes, a transparent curtain or sheer fabric can be used as well.
*Ink, you can use either screen printing ink, or fabric paint of the color of your choice.
*A water resistant glue called Mod Podge
*Watercolor paints, blank paper, and paint brush
*Small sponge brush
*A stencil of your design

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One tip on selecting which design to use is that ink takes better on simpler designs. You also want a simple design that you can trace over easily. Once you know what design you want to use, print it out on a plain piece of paper.

If you want to use a professional t shirt printing company then respire will be able to help you. If not you will need to prepare your screen by using the gauzy curtain and placing it inside the embroidery hoop. Pull the screen until it is taut, and then trim the leftover material.

The next step is getting the design on the screen. You can do this by placing you embroidery hoop over the design and tracing it. Make sure that the design is centered inside the hoop, and trace lightly so that there is not a lot of lead on the material. If you would rather not trace the design by hand, you can print the design out onto self adhesive paper and then center that onto your screen.

Take the Mod Podge and apply it to the entire space that the design will not print. Make sure that you fill the entire negative space, and then let it dry. Next, test the screen by placing a blank piece of paper over the screen and brushing on thin watercolor paint. What you see on the paper is what you will see on the shirt, add more Mod Podge if needed.

Now you are ready to print on the shirt. Lay a piece of cardboard inside the shirt in order to prevent any ink from leaking through the layers. Place the screen on the shirt and use a sponge brush to blot the ink all over the image. Slowly pull up the screen and allow the ink to dry overnight.

It should be okay to put the t-shirt in the washer after it has completed drying. You can save the screen to use on other shirts.


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