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In the case of having suffered a personal injury from an accident, it is of prime importance to immediately consider the level of compensation you are entitled to for it. General damages and special damages are essentially the two main types of compensation. The former are concerned with compensating the injured party for the pain and suffering that resulted from the accident as well as the consequential prevention of participating or continuing with hobbies and past times owing to the injury. On the other hand, special damages are concerned with more material expenses such as the loss of earnings, damage to personal belongings and property as well as medical expenses.

It is however useful to obtain the advice of a solicitor, some of which specialise in the field and are employed by personal injury compensation companies. Although they cannot always provide a precise figure, they make relatively accurate predictions and judgements based on their skills and by drawing comparisons with similar cases in the past involving similar injuries. They are skilled in the calculative aspect of the claims and can accordingly account for inflation as well as other economic factors in their comparisons. A Guidance on the Assessment of Personal Injury Compensation has been produced by the Judicial Studies Board, which is often the first point of reference for most compensation companies.

This acts as a guide to compensation payments for different levels of injury within each category of injury, so e.g. a major leg injury or a minor facial injury. The compensation company can provide a copy of the Guidance publication should you wish to acquire a more in-depth analysis of the way in which compensation is calculated. The next step is to choose from the options of a trial to fight your way to justice, deciding upon a joint settlement through meeting with the other party or simply mediating the issue.

There are numerous compensation companies in Glasgow, some of which have websites that require the filling of a form with relevant information so an assessment can be made, whereas others have physical offices that can be visited for a more personal discussion on the issue.

If you require advice on accident compensation anywhere in the UK then accident compensation uk will be able to help, and they operate on a no win no fee basis and are fully qualified solicitors and not just a claims company.


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