Using Mains Connected Water Dispensers to Save the Environment

Mains connected water coolers

There are various ways of using mains connected water dispensers in order to help save the environment. These water coolers utilize various means in order to dispense water in an environmentally friendly way. Although they have been around for over thirty years, they have not begun to be used to their full potential. However, recently they have begun to become more and more popular.

The biggest benefit of a mains connected water dispenser filter is that it generates water directly from the source. First, a 0.5 micron filter is used in order to clear away any possible contaminates. Environmentally friendly chemicals are then used to help purify the water, and also to get rid of many of the chemicals added to regular tap water. The ability to purify water to such a degree directly from the source has many benefits.

This system allows a person to obtain either hot or cold water right away, eliminating the need for storage, which reduces the amount of materials needed, since the system replenishes itself without the need for changeable containers. Therefore, this technology leads to less bottling and transport waste as a result of being on site. Not having to transport heavy water coolers also cuts down on possibility of work injuries. Furthermore, not having to outsource to delivery companies can be much more cost efficient for companies.

There are also some health benefits of having one of these systems installed. As mains fed water coolers are a self-contained system, it minimalizes contact with outside sources. Conventional dispensers have containers susceptible to contamination through contact with handlers due to the need to have containers transported. While these containers are often store in places that can cause bacterial growth, the mains connected water dispenser filters water as it is needed, so storage is kept to a minimum.

Furthermore, a sleep mode helps reduce power consumption, allowing the dispensers to shut down when not in use, or to adjust the amount of water being filtered at any given time according to how much traffic the dispenser might be generating. Another environmentally friendly aspect of these water dispensers is that they are made from recyclable materials.

This environmentally friendly method for dispensing water is becoming more and more popular. Self-contained systems such as mains connected water dispensers have not only environmental, but also cost related benefits. As these benefits become more and more noticed, and more and more necessary in the rapidly changing world, it seems that more people will notice, and take the necessary steps in order obtain the benefits that these systems can achieve.

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Mains connected water coolers


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