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The Spanish island of Mallorca, one of the Balearic Islands, is located in the Mediterranean Sea, with Spain to its north and Algeria to its south. Another name for this island is Majorca, because it is the "major" island of the group. A nearby island, smaller than Majorca, is therefore called Minorca, or Menorca.

Menorca has about 90,000 full-time residents, and of course the population swells periodically as tourists arrive for their fortnightly holidays (or two week vacations, depending on from which country they come!). Natives of the island speak Catalan, with Spanish as a second language, although the immigrants to the island are typically Spanish-speaking only. Those individuals who have much to do with tourists - i.e. at car hire locations or in hotels, typically speak English as well.

Minorca is a quiet and peaceful island -- when compared to Majorca -- it doesn't have near the nightlife. Most people come to Minorca to enjoy nature, to see the famous black horses, and to admire the prehistoric stone monuments.

Quiet it may be, but Minorca does have a wealth of automobiles. Although taxis seem to be the transport of choice for many, there are several car hire companies from which to choose. If you want to search multiple car rental companies then 1st for car hire menorca will be bale to help.

Visitors to Minorca come in from aircraft from Spain and from the UK. Vistiors also come via ferry from the Spanish mainland or from Majorca.

Menorca may be a quiet island but that doesn't mean it isn't popular. It is therefore best to arrange accomodations and car hire before arriving on the island, at least during the peak tourist seasons.

Most of Menorca's car hire companies are to be found at the airport. Cars driven on the island are manuals rather than automatics, for the most part. There are Fiat Pandas, Lancia Ys, Opel Corsas, Skoda Fabias, Peogots, Ford Fiestas, and so on.

When renting a car in Menorca, be aware that there can be extra charges for baby seats or child car seats. Some models may be equipped with GPS, and there would be an extra charge for that as well.

Things to ask before you make your car hire are:

1) Are unlimited kilometers included, or is there a charge for extra kilometers over a set limit?
2) What type of insurance is offered with the car - must it be purchased? Is there a collision damage waiver, theft protection, liability insurance, and so on.
3) What is the percentage of local taxes added on to the car hire fee.
4) Is there a fee to have additional drivers added to the rental agreement...and what happens if there's an accident and the dirver was not on the rental car agreement?
5) What kind of driver's licence is necessary to drive on Menorca?

As with all car hire companies anywhere in the world (well, all well-run car hire companies!), drivers receive a full tank of petrol and are expected to return the car with a full tank of petrol . If it is necessary for the car hire company to replenish the tank, the petrol will typically cost more than if it had been purchased from a petrol station nearby.

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