Italian Contemporary Furniture

Contemporary Furniture

Contemporary furniture is distinguished from traditional furniture by its elements of simplicity, orderliness and compactness. Also, it is designed keeping the rather recent concept of ergonomics in mind, so as ensure the perfect combination of comfort and chic. One of the most popular sources of such aesthetic modern furniture is Italy, known for its design range and quality. There is a great deal of emphasis by designers on producing low-cost items which are scaled to fit well into small rooms, making them easy to maintain as well as functional in everyday life. Units are designed so as to ensure wall space is used in the most economic way possible.

It is possible to identify what can be categorised as contemporary in the furniture market by looking out for a few distinct features. It will naturally appear to coincide with modern day lifestyle trends and tends to make use of contemporary materials such as metals, composites, chrome and glass. An edgy dimension is often added to the design which can be in the form of angular shapes with pointed curves – a move away from traditional square shaped furniture. Asymmetrical outlines are also commonly used in furniture design today. Moreover, surfaces are kept even without all the bells and whistles that come in the form of embellishment, carving or other fancy finishes. Lighting is of particular significance in the art of modern interior design, and is used in a calculated manner to create a certain ambience and effect based on shapes, colours and other decoration variables used in the living space.

It is important to note, however, that the word contemporary does not restrict itself to recently made pieces in the context of furniture items. Classic items can also be categorised as contemporary with a small amount of refurbishment.
The only drawback of such ambitious designs is the expense involved in the conversion process. Another great category of contemporary furniture is Italian contemporary furniture which has a style of its own such as B&B Italia designer furniture which has been around since 1966 at the forefront of Italian design.

Much like changing fashion trends, furniture has its ins and outs and there are many amongst us who like to keep their personal space up to date with such changes. There are various reasons why it makes sense and is appealing to invest in contemporary furniture to keep up with modern living and introduce a basic change of scenery in our lives. Contrary to popular belief, modern furniture does not necessarily have an aspect of discomfort or coldness to it. Based on the way it is used, it can be just as warm and welcoming as a traditionally decorated space. It has the additional benefits of fitting easily into smaller spaces, taking up less room and suiting one of many types of décor styles. It is possible to have a great deal of fun when designing your furniture from a contemporary perspective, as it is possible to use some classic pieces as inspiration for their form, thus creating an interesting amalgamation of old and new designs. Since the focus of modern furniture remains on using softer tones, an emphasis on attractive contrasts creates a more appealing atmosphere in the room as a whole.

When choosing which items of furniture to integrate into your living space, a number of factors should be considered including tint, contour and the area where the furniture will be placed. More often than not, colours of such furniture will be based around a black and white or otherwise neutrally toned palette, so this can have implications in terms of what suits the existing paint colour on your walls, or other accessories such as rugs, carpets and decoration items. In this sense, it also becomes important to decide beforehand exactly where the item of furniture will be placed so it can be matched to the ornamentation that will surround it. To further increase the appeal of the furniture, it is always an option to play with certain types of fabrics to create a certain touch or feel element – some fabrics perform this function better than others, such as silk, wool, linen and jute. It is always a bad idea to use too many pieces and overcrowd your living space – you should try and leave out potential locations for personalisation using travel souvenirs, photos with family and friends or other pieces of art that are dear to you. One great feature of contemporary furniture is, as previously mentioned, it places a heavy emphasis on the ergonomics of design. Thus it is possible to select items that have specifically been formed keeping in view the curves of the human body, benefiting the posture and comfort of those using the furniture, especially for longer durations such as lounge furniture or that of the bedroom. You can make customised choices in terms of height adjustment, leg rests, reclining parts, etc.



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