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New van Citroen Dispatch catering van.

Whether you are a small business owner looking for one van to store frozen, chilled, or hot food, or a larger business owner looking for a fleet of vans for your catering company, the new 2012 Citroen Dispatch catering van is the van for your business.

Why? Because it does what it says on the tin. You donít need a commercial catering van conversion that promises you the world, you need a reliable van that suits the needs of your business. If you need a van to haul frozen or chilled goods only, it can be converted with minimal hassle, which makes this van something special.

Another thing that really stood out about this van is its size. When you or your employees are driving around a busy town or city, weaving in and out of traffic, down and around small lanes and tight corners, the last thing you need is to be controlled by the size and height of your delivery van. It can cause all sorts of delays, and if you have somewhere to be or you have a restaurant manager who has blown a fuse because your delivery to their restaurant is late, you must be in a reliable and speedy machine. Losing your customer base because your van is too large, or is stuck down a lane, is the last thing you need. This lovely little Citroen Dispatch does all the tight corners; can fit in multi-storey car parks, which sets it apart from its catering van counter parts.

As it is a new van, you would expect certain modern conveniences. Instead of worrying about if your sat-nav is going to be stolen when you are delivering in a hurry, or leaving it behind in the office and then relying solely in a very unreliable Google Maps on your phone, this van has a built in sat-nav, which make your life easier . After hours of prepping food, and loading up the van, the last thing you need is to get lost!

As it is a delivery van, the driver will be getting in and out all day, which can cause knee and back problems if the step is too high. Citroen have taken on board this concern and have lowered the step to ensure that bad backs and knees are a thing of the past. Do not be put off by an array of less than perfect reviews that the older models of this van have had in the past. The issues that these vans had are fully rectified, because the complaints have been listened to. The best thing to do is to take one for a test drive to see for yourself.

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What is the best small van to buy

New van Citroen Dispatch catering van.



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