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When a person finds himself or herself in the southwest region of England, there are numerous well known tourist attractions from which to choose. Everyone around the world knows of Stonehenge, and to a lesser extent, the magnificent Georgian city of Bath. But there is another wonderful local destination, perhaps not quite as internationally well known, but still bringing in enough visitors to be ranked in the top ten most heavily visited cities in all of Great Britain. This article covers this fascinating city destination of Bristol.

The famed Avon River meanders past a number of other destinations once it bids farewell to the birthplace of Shakespeare in Stratford. Its last city that it hails on its way to the western seas is Bristol, and it does indeed wend its way gloriously throughout the busy city center. The Avon River had an enormous influence on both the history and development of this major port and commercial city. Encircled by enchanting hills and the wonderful ice carved Avon Gorge, and sitting astride the Avon River, Bristol proves to be an enjoyable combination of early modern history, culture, and commerce.

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Although this medieval city was founded back in the last days of the Anglo-Saxon period of British History, in the eleventh century, practically none of the original city landmarks and monuments to those glorious days are standing. Partly as a result of the often brisk and sometimes thoughtless development and redevelopment of the city in the early modern centuries, and coupled with a heavy concentration of Nazi bombs in the Second World War, the city's architectural delights are mostly limited to those of the last four centuries. This does not signify that neither worthwhile historical or architectural treasures remain. For anyone who loves Georgian or Victorian homes, buildings, and churches, the city is a miniature treasure trove. The squares of both Queen and Portland have been fantastically restored to their original glory, and appeal to the city's staggering nine million visitors each year. Bristol is also justifiably famous for her impressive naval tradition and history, and much of this legacy remains architecturally.

The city center itself possesses a wide variety of fabulous parks, churches, art galleries, and high quality museums, not the least of which is the Bristol Cathedral. A bustling tourism business has arisen and grown rapidly in order to accommodate the constant influx of tourists. Culturally, Bristol is not without attractions. Her music scene is well known throughout not only the European continent, but around the world. The booming music magnet still boasts the musical genre that they created and made famous in the 1980's and 1990's, trip hop (sometimes called the Bristol Sound). There are also two universities located in the city. Between these several influences, it is not any surprise that the night life scene here is vibrant, and includes not only rocking night clubs, but also a plethora of both restaurants and shops.

For nature and open countryside lovers alike, Bristol presents the Downs. These lush grasslands comprise more than four hundred acres and run from the famed Avon Gorge to the Victorian styled suburbs. They provide a calming and serene respite from the busy city itself. There is also the Bristol Zoo and Gardens, the Bristol Clifton Observatory, a number of caves, and never to be missed--- the inspiring Bristol Clifton Suspension Bridge, which astonishes tourists and locals alike.

Any visitor to the city is sure to be impressed. Bristol is but a short hop from either Bath or Stonehenge. The next time the reader finds himself or herself in the southwest corner of the island, he or she should allow a day, or several days, to explore the delights that are the city of Bristol, England.



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